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Oct. 17th, 2017 08:29 am
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My current decluttering project is charging all the dead rechargable batteries.

Little bits add up!

What tiny projects can you do to help the process?
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Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how's the decluttering go?

In my case, the answer is paperwork, plus some more paperwork. The filing cabinet is getting overfull, so I went through one file (manuals and warranties) and binned anything not still relevant, plus flagging two more overflowing folders to go through. I also finished up some more bits and bobs in the kitchen, and in one case then *threw out the pretty pretty container*, because I don't want it and I bet the op-shop can't sell it.

Plus I went through most of another pile of paper, and threw out about 75% of it. A few pieces have gone into the urgent pile, some into the whenever pile, and some into the filing cabinet. I found medical paperwork which means that I don't have to make a long avoided phone call ('when is my GP follow up due'), but does mean I have to make a GP appointment for follow-up. *sigh*.

That, plus a short period of time ironing, has got the not-quite-a-sideboard in the main room almost clear. There is a pile of software and other CDs/DVDs at one end that I need to sort through to work out what is still valid. I'm hoping that at least half will turn out to be software that can't be run any more, and exam music, and so can be binned with extreme prejudice, but I don't expect to get to that for at least another month.
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Not much decluttering happened this week. I took about 8 books to Books to Prisoners. Next week is the B2P book sale in which I am heavily involved. I do not expect to get much of anything done at home while working on that. Laundry, probably, and regular bed-making and not much else. B promises to cook for me.
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I finally sold the thing! I am more excited about its absence than the money.

Have you heard of Swedish Death Cleaning? It's much less morbid than it sounds. It's another perspective on decluttering. Not "does this object bring me joy" but "will someone be happy I saved this thing for them?"

Happy decluttering!

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What have you found to unclutter, on this, the exhausting middle of the standard working week?

I report that I have finished not one, but two lots of fancy tea-given-as-present, giving me back one empty jar and a pretty tin to take to the op-shop. Also, used up tag ends of flour, although that counts less, as it has merely resulted in the purchase of more flour. On the plus side, I discovered idli rava, which is billed as rice semolina, and I have made a treasured dessert that I have missed greatly since giving up gluten containing cereals.

...and the ongoing paper sorting, although I have thrown out little, because I have been annotating the important pieces of paper for the taking to the accountant. I get that done, and I can book my trip to visit special friend in the Eastern States who is in need of a visitor to cheer them up.

I am also eyeing off a very pretty skirt that I have on display, which I will probably never wear. But oh, I love it so.
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What uncluttering wins have you had this weekend?

I've finished two projects, so I just have to get them out of the house. Other than that, not much to report. (apart from the eternal paper sorting. I'm down to about two boxes worth, so if I can keep up the momentum, maybe they'll be empty by the end of the year!
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Nothing major done, but some projects continued.
We cleared out the back of our PT, where things we removed from the Aerostar before it was hauled away were put. I created a bag of my old union jacket, 2 big green rain ponchos, and a lap robe for use as needed; stashed on the floor in the back seat where we can get to them without leaving the car. Put the various tools in another bag to keep in the car, but at least gathered together.

About a dozen books went to Books to Prisoners from one of the two boxes in the garage. Also took a batch of smallish boxes to B2P for shipping. When these were pulled off the place they were kept another, bigger box was revealed. I thought it contained books, but no, there were knitting projects - hats, two small hooded sweaters, several scarfs and some unused yarn, plus 2 shirts, one of which I could wear, and a long jumper. All but the shirt I can wear are bagged to take to some place for clothing donations. I think the bags will go in the car, and sometime when we are near a depository out they will go.
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Today I'm shipping 3 things to friends--one box of clothes, one pack of random things, and one package containing two shawls. I knit things for the process and rarely know what to do with the finished products, let alone shawls that I never wear. And I found out my alma mater is collecting prayer shawls for current students--and I tend to gravitate to my alma mater's colors when I pick yarn! Keep your eye out for opportunities to rehome things!

The thing for sale hasn't sold yet, but it'll be gone this weekend one way or another. Giving another thing away tonight (on top of the 3 packages!) and have things for a friend to go through next week when I see her.

Lots of small steps add up, friends!
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Sometimes, it is the strangest things I can't bring myself to let go of. Today, it is a pharmacy bottle which used to contain witchhazel. It dates back maybe 25 years, and was bought while it was still common for pharmacists to dispense that kind of thing, rather than selling a pre-packaged option. I don't use witchhazel often, and so it has languished in the cupboard. I've now used up the last little bit of the contents, and have failed three times to put the bottle in the bin. Nothing rational, just an affection for the shape of the bottle and the history that it represents. Instead, I've washed it, and I'm going to add it to a display. I'll just have to find something else to rehome instead.

To reassure myself that this isn't weird, I'd love people to tell about something that they keep for no good reason that they can articulate.
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I had clear goals for the consignment sale. Only a few pieces of clothes for each kid--done. I found a coat and winter boots for one. I wandered through the books to see if they have any in the series I collect--bad idea. I saw some Roald Dalh paperbacks for $2, and a series of books that might appeal to one of my kids--8 books for $8. So...

Should the child not care about these books, off to the local little free library!

But! I did not buy any of the decorations, despite some very lovely items, and I didn't even go through the toys. I did not buy things two sizes up for either kid, just the next size up for immediate/this winter's use. Baby steps.
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Star spent the majority of last week sorting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. We kept two small card boxes' worth and took the rest down to the game store.

Immediately someone pounced on the new stock, shuffled through the rares box, and asked a million questions. It wasn't five minutes before some of the cards sold. This makes a happy game store owner, and that's a good thing. (The game store owner is a cool dude, and is doing his level best to make the store into a social space.)

M:tG is up next, and it's the largest collection of the three, but we're gearing up for the yard sale now. Highlights include some shelving units in various colorations and types, a fog machine, and a large box of toys.

I hope someone else finds pleasure in our clutter.
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How goes your weekend? Are the unloved items sneaking out of the wood-work, or are they perfecting their camouflage?

I'm back in the salt minesspare room, sorting paper again, although I've done a few other bits and pieces of sorting as well. I found yet more kid sized coat hangers (I swear, they are spawning under the kids' beds); made the kids look through a basket of bits and pieces that were pulled off the shelves for being inconveniently located (they kept one pack of cards and the twister game, which means about a dozen items of assorted sizes will go, including a kids microscope and a game of Buckaroo); moved the contents of shelving around in the games room/library, resulting in about 20 books that I want to get rid of (one vetoed so far) and four damaged items thrown out.

I've also moved several items out to the car to be dropped at the op-shop in the morning. I'm hoping that they open at 9am, because the current plan says groceries (which are on that street), op-shop, shopping for bulk staples, and if the middle part doesn't work, the car will be too full for the last part (plan: one carton each breakfast cereal, soy milk; at least two 2L tubs of peanut butter, and multiple 2-3kg jars of assorted pickles).

And I've made a promise to myself that when one particular artistically minded family member passes on (possibly within the next decade), the kids and I will do a thorough inventory of all the things that that person has given us, and work out which ones we actually love, and rehome the rest (so many items on the display shelf - I really had forgotten how many dust collecting knickknacks are attributable to this one person). Rehoming them now would be an unkindness, but oh, I hate dusting them.
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Again, not a lot of real activity. We have been spending our evenings watching The Vietnam War. I remember most of the stuff from 1967 on very well. I did a lot of research on how to avoid the draft; B getting braces seemed most likely, since the army did not want to pay for their maintenance. We were making plans, and doing some standing in anti-war local demonstrations. B had been for his physical when the draft drawing took place - B's birthday was number 336, which pretty much meant he was safe.

Anyway, not much sorting and discarding happened. I took about 8 books to the B2P workroom. I did add one thing to a kitchen drawer. It's a small screwdriver, with extra bits in the handle. It was recommended on the Cool Tools feed, to keep in the kitchen so a screw driver can be easily found for quick tightening and repairs. That made perfect sense to me, so one is now in the kitchen tools drawer.
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Guys, I have to share. I'm so pleased. The back of my car is nearly full of things leaving the house, some donations and some items to sell. AND Spouse is cleaning out the home office and the recycling bin is nearly full already. AND I have several things to send along to friends this weekend--two of them are sending me things in return (cookies and art, no clutter!).
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How are your efforts going? 

Slower progress than usual for me. I have a box and a bag of handmedowns to give away tonight. I sent some things along to some friends last week. A small pile of papers went to the recycling bin. I added a few more things to the donation box but need to clear a thing or two with the spouse before donating.
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How did your weekend go? Did you sneak some stealthy uncluttering in to a spare few minutes, or did you go all out on something you've been eyeing off for a while?

Me? I spent most of my weekend at an ice-skating competition (apart from my kid competing, I'm also in training to be the set up person for the new judging tech). So my decluttering was limited to a bit of paperwork here and there. ...which actually, has been the theme of my week, although the amount of paperwork dealt with each day has varied from 'a couple of pieces of paper' to 'filled the inside bin three times over'.
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So both Star and I are collectable card game (CCG) players. We each like multiple games, and both of us have played for well over a decade. Cards, of course, come in packs - usually 10-15 per, with one rare and a variety of common and uncommon cards. With both of us collecting on and off, and playing both with others and one another, that means a lot of cards.

Neither Star or I has played Pokemon in the last five years or so, save with the nephews. They're now officially Too Old For It, and the rules of the game have shifted enough that we'd basically have to relearn it to play with anyone else.

Yesterday, we sat down with the card boxes, pulled out anything either of us wanted to keep, and put the rest into a massive box to be given to the local game store for use as prizes during their Pokemon events.

We ended up with two small boxes, with duplicates removed and damaged cards thrown out. Several thousand Pokemon cards: OUT.

Next up: Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering. We have substantially more of those than Pokemon, so this is a little bit daunting.

... at least the M:tG cards that might have value are already separated from the general boxes.
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I've found a lot of little things lately and remind myself the little things make up clutter.

Last night I shipped a thing to my mom. I recently found a stash of half used tiny toothpaste tubes, so I am using them up--how kids can brush their teeth with bubble gum toothpaste all the time is beyond me--and I'm sure I'll use up the watermelon toothpaste they are currently ignoring. I have finished off two tiny shampoo bottles and am working on a third, all from my travel bag. On to the last bottle of body wash I don't particularly like, but it's soap and I don't actually mind it. Always gathering outgrown kid clothes to send to a friend--and make room for the handmedowns coming from another friend soon!

I reactivated a seller's account on amazon to sell a book. It's not worth much but it might be worth the effort.

I've made a list of things to sell to the consignment store, whenever I can make it there. One is particularly sentimental but no longer useful so I am working through those feelings. A friend will pick up a large baby thing soon (I hope soon) and I cannot wait to regain space from it! She will also take the excess of handmedowns as her kids are right behind mine, size-wise.

Last week I gave away an instrument case that didn't fit my instrument well, and I replaced it with a case that fits much better. This is a great investment and it takes up less space than the previous case!

In my travels, I am happy to report that I purchased only the case, 5 CDs, a hoodie and a picture for the kids, a lawn decoration already in place, and a collectible mug. This sounds like a lot, but in past years, I've come home with 10 CDs, shirts, yarns, scarves, etc. Instead of buying a jacket for me, I got my favorite hoodie embroidered so it feels new.
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I completely missed Wednesday's post, for reasons that mostly had to do with trying to decrease my online time, so this report is going to have a full week's worth of rambling on decluttering!

Tuesday, I upended (carefully) a washbasket full of papers and bits that had been cleared off the kitchen table some weeks ago. About half was quickly dealt with and binned, the rest has been stacked for later. Thursday/Friday I read enough of three books to know that I wasn't going to keep them (I did finish one), and then Saturday I passed them to a friend. Saturday, I looked at the shelves in the lounge (one of those IKEA ones made of squares) and grouped like things together, and then filled a washbasket with items to show to the kids, to see whether we want to keep any of them. And today I drank the last cup of the very tasty, interesting, but not replaceable tea, thus emptying up a space in the tea drawer (goal: tea drawer ~ 2/3 full).

Somewhere during the week, I pulled out a box of incomplete craft projects, and Saturday I sat long enough to finish one of them! It needs blocking, and then taking to recipient, but it is done!

What about you? What one thing are you setting free today?
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Well, this week we got rid of a big thing, but it did not make space in the house. We sold our 1989 Ford Aerostar van to a local auto recycler; it is still drivable, but the gas line is leaking (for the second time) and we did not want to spend cash to repair it. The recycler will probably strip it for parts - the engine block is fine; never a problem. Anyway, Thursday at 5:15pm the van was loaded on a big flatbed and driven away. It was Bill's band transport for many years so things were sad for a while.

We decided to do this on Tuesday; Wednesday is a free day for me, so we spent it clearing out the van. It had served as a storage locker for several years; driven when we needed to haul lumber or something else too big for the car. A lot of pillows and old blankets used for band equipment packing was removed and mostly junked. The console was full of old maps, coins, crushed boxes of kleenex, winter gloves, and other odds and ends, and dirt. The old bicycle pump was there, 6 plastic or rubber ponchos, 3 windshield brushes, several ice scrapers, mu old union jacket, a bag of towels stored for road needs, Bill's emergency road bag with towels, soap, toothpaste and brush, a flannel shirt, and who knows what else. Four tennis balls were in a side pocket, left from the 1990s when Bill had a lunchtime tennis game with some of my office mates. My jacket, the bike pump, 4 of the ponchos, the brushes and ice scrapers, the emergency bag, a bag of clean rags, the console, the old road atlas and a few other things either went into the car or came in the house for further inspection. The license plates went in the garage, in case we buy another vehicle while they are still good.

We park in the driveway; the garage would not hold both vehicles, or even one. So the driveway looks odd. The gravel the van parked on has a big white oval not yet covered in blown dirt. We will see how long that lasts. We did find that a mouse had at some time lived there; a nest was made in a hollow where a third seat was supposed to attach and there was a stash of seeds stored nearby. No sign of the occupant, though, so it may have been abandoned. I am sure it was a lovely house; no cats, dry, out of the wind, plenty of old pillows to chew.

Now I have to finish sorting the stuff removed. I may get all our cotton rags together and sort them for various purposes, and maybe get rid of some.


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