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How has your decluttering gone over the weekend?

I know that the saying is that you can't organise clutter, you can only get rid of it, but I've been doing a bit of column A, a bit of column B. Friday I went to IKEA, bought a medium-sized shelf (and boxes to fit) to go in the spare room. This morning the kids and I assembled it, and then I spent two hours sorting things to go on it and to be thrown out. I have emptied three wicker washing baskets (and a very large suitcase), which previously had to craft supplies in them, and stacked all that I'm keeping into two boxes! I've also rehung the curtains in that room, saving a bit more floor space. I have hopes that I will have that room under control when a friend comes to stay in about a week, so that I don't have to move everything currently in there somewhere else in the house. (the idea is that all the wicker baskets will be given to another friend for classroom storage, if I can bear to part with them).

This follows on from yesterday, when I had visitors, one of whom went away with some children's clothing and another two who left with books. Very briefly my outbox was nearly empty!
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Well, I've moved some books on, but I have mostly put a batch in boxes in the garage. We have a friend visiting who will need to sleep on our fold-out couch. In order to fold it out the area where I stashed books for Books to Prisoners and books I hope to read some day had to be emptied. I moved a few books on, but as time got short I had to just box them up, label the boxes, and stack them in the garage. The room looks nicer now, but when Mike leaves the books will have to come back so I will keep on dealing with them rather than forgetting them.

I did manage to shred the letters from B2P that I brought home for that purpose, so something was accomplished, but the shredder froze up with three letters left. I hauled some small cardboard boxes to B2P to use for shipping. I put a batch of newspapers in a bag to take to B2P for packing. I found places to put some of the things piled on the desk so Mike will have a place to put his computer. Trying to clear surfaces is the project for tomorrow.
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How is your uncluttering going at this, the mid-point of the week?

I lost the day to reconciling book reviews across three platforms, and cycling through open and closing All! The! Tabs!. I'm not finished, but at least I'm closer...
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It's not just about going through your closet or medicine cabinet. It's about finishing projects.

(and cookies)

I've decided to rip out some more knitting projects that I've lost interest in years ago. Reclaim the materials and find something good to do with them. And rejoice that I have more yarn without having to spend a dime!
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Sometimes, for me, uncluttering isn't so much about getting rid of things (although that can be a great side effect) but about dealing with something that annoys me. So, this morning, I've just spent a productive 5-10 minutes sorting through my scrap paper pile, and I feel so much more relaxed about it that I did.

As a household with three kids, one of whom is through high school, and the other two still in high school, we've generated a lot of 'unused' paper through the last decade -- mostly half used scrapbooks and note books. We have a shelf that this gets put on, and then any time anyone needs to make notes or doodles, they grab paper out of there. However, there are different 'grades' of such paper, depending on how easy it is to get more/the proportion of it in the stack. And every time I see one of the kids grab some of the coloured construction paper (which means I usually can't read the notes), the heavier card stock, the graph/manuscript/dotted thirds lines paper, I take a moment to go 'don't use that, use the real scrap paper'. And mostly they do, but sometimes they just grab what is on top. And when what is on top is what has just come out of someone's desk drawer, it could be anything.

The sorting was pretty simple. I took the top 15-20cm off the pile (of ~30cm), and then anything I didn't care about that was roughly A4 sized went straight back on. Coloured paper and construction card were put in one pile; all the other 'precious' paper types in another, and scrap that was smaller than A4 was either sorted into a notepad pile or binned. The 'precious' papers have been put at the other end of the shelf (vertically, between existing dividers), and the small note pads have been put on top, so that they can be used first. Random bits of card, covers off scrapbooks, pieces too small, all in the bin.

And now I have a neat and tidy shelf, and I know that if I grab the top piece of paper off the active pile, it will be something I can throw out after I've used it, because it really is scrap.
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How is your weekend uncluttering going?

I know I sorted something out yesterday, but I've already managed to forget it (apart from making sure the open pack of biscuits was finished, as per yukonsally's suggestion yesterday). Friday, I took a randomish swatch of knitted yarn that I think might have been the start of a scarf (it was in a bag donated to me; the yarn was one of those matting ones, so frogging it wasn't an option) plus three scarves that had turned up from various places and gave them to a school teacher friend who is going to put them in some collection in their classroom (she was asking for blue things for a water cycle, and two were blue).

Today, I sat at the desk, and tidied a corner. Someone had pulled partner's collection of playing cards out and kind of distributed them across the space, so I sorted through and put them back in their pigeon hole. A couple of cards that didn't match any of the sets were binned (they were the wrong size for contributing to a cheat deck), and a set of Donkey cards that were too dilapidated for small hands also went in the bin. Plus some other bits of paper.
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Sometimes, decluttering means eating that last serving of ice cream or the last cookie in the package.

Be good to yourselves this weekend!
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Which of your uncluttering goals have you progressed so far this week?

I have been weeding email, which has built up some while I have not had a working computer. Another two days at this rate will see me at zero, if no more comes in....

I have also been eyeing off the books on my bedside table, and wondering whether abandoning unread and then donating might be better for some of them than forcing myself to get through them. I guess I'll go for 'anything not read by the end of August' will leave the house, assuming I've read at least that many other books in the time (which looks likely)
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What did you find to declutter this weekend?

I spent most of the weekend out of the house, so all I've managed is to decrease the number of books I'm partway through reading, and the number of remnant balls of yarn lying around waiting to be knitted into current projects.
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This has been another sluggish week, dealing with new computer and B with mysterious infection that is Not strep throat. I managed not to accumulate more piles of stuff, but not much reduction took place.

I did go through a pile of papers I brought from B2P for shreding, only to find a letter from the Post Office about a box we shipped to Sheridan that apparently fell of the conveyor in Chicago and broke open. They sent the label from the box, and suggested that I could ask that the contents be searched for. Since the box was shipped on July 13, the PO letter suggested it was damaged on July 20, and it is now August 4, I do not expect much to be found. Had I looked through the paper stack earlier, like 8 days ago when I brought it home, something might turn up. I went to the workroom today and made a list of the books in the order and will send them to the Atlanta dead letter office, but I suspect the books are somewhere in Chicago and not findable. Lesson for me - check your paperwork right away.

I started working on the stacks of books and dvds and cds in the space needed to open our sleeper sofa. A friend is coming on August 20, and I need to be able to open the sofa before then. I managed to pick out all the dvds and cds that were stacked there because they had no designated storage space - not enough shelf space. They still have no designated space but I managed to create a shelf space to pile them all until we can do a big dvd and cd sort sometime later - like maybe November.
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Decluttering is a hard and long process.

What do you do for a quick win, a boost?

Clean off the fridge, notes and expired coupons? Deal with the junk drawer? Clear off the kitchen counter?

I like to gather and return library books. We usually have 10 or so and even just returning these picture books can open up space to put the rest of the picture books away, off the floor and a bit more organized.
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How is everyone's uncluttering going at this point of the week? Are you recovering from busy weekends, mooching along quietly, or something else?

I'm continuing with my yarn destash. I poked at all the boxes of yarn that I can find, and emptied most of a (~40L) tub, sorting the balls in to two bags of roughly the same mix, which included splitting some balls. This is all the 'odd' yarn - the feathery ones, the thick and thin, the last half ball of interesting colours and textures. These will be going to a couple of primary school teacher friends, one of whom was very keen, and the other may or may not be interested (if not, it will all go to the first friend, because I'll be seeing them together on Friday). All the sock yarn (of which there was not as much as expected) has been put in a bag with a set of DPNs and a pattern, ready to go a travelling.

And the other thing that I've started doing is finding uses for clothes that have been stashed as too damaged to repair, but good sources of fabric. From the remains of quite a nice (probably linen) shirt I made a liner for the small tub that lives under the sink, so that its contents can be lifted out if I ever need it for its intended purpose (a mop bucket). I struggled a bit, but it is okay to have pretty things that are just for me -- I don't have to use an ugly fabric just because no-one will ever see it. I deconstructed the remaining sections of the shirt into flat pieces with no seams, and then put the pieces into the active collection of fabric. I anticipate that I'll use it as decorative finish, because it really is pretty. And I've deconstructed two pairs of trousers, using one in patching, and moving the other (Yoda pattern flannelette) into the active pile. Not sure what I'll do with that one, maybe something for eldest (who wore the pyjama pants until a) they were completely worn through the second set of patches and b) they were so short as to nearly be at their knees).
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Digging in deep. Yesterday I realized I have some nearly pristine decorations that I used for a themed birthday party. Three years ago. I dug those out and am currently offering them to friends on facebook.

I still have plenty of things on counters, in drawers, on shelves to go through. But I dug these decorations out. Hidden clutter is still clutter.

In other news, I am pleased with using up what I have. No need to buy more *things* just to buy things. Working through the comsumables makes me feel rich--look at all this yarn I have! Can't wait to use it!
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Have you found anything to unclutter this weekend? Or are you taking a break?

Most of the uncluttering this weekend is either theoretical (items identified to maybe go to teacher friends) or done by other people (youngest has lost a shirt. In the process of looking for it -- and failing to find it -- we found multiple items of clothing that should have gone years ago).

What I did was spend time working on the sewing basket, repairing a pair of trousers (and some other things -- I remember that there were four, but not what they all were), and finding multiple other things that will be relatively simple. So, moving things back in to circulation, so hopefully I can get rid of some clothing that I've been keeping because the others were in the sewing pile.

I also moved three books from the 'in progress' pile to the 'read, now review' pile, but as I haven't quite finished with the review-and-reshelve phase, not quite counting that (and all of them are to be treasured, and not rehomed. Eventually I'm going to pull something off the shelf, read it through, and still rehome it, but this was not that week).
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I have done very little de-cluttering this week. I spent a lot of time reading various books and articles on Apples Sierra operating system and the iCloud drive it seems to have decided should be a major item for Mac users. Today we bought the new iMac computer we had been planning on - it is 7 steps above the OS on the laptop it replaces. I was anxious and stressed about the whole process, and data migration, and avoiding the forced use of iCloud.

We got the computer this morning, brought it home and did the migration and set-up. So far it is working well; we will see what transpired. But I brought new things in - a desk-top computer with 3 blutooth-using accessories, a dvd drive, an new drive for Time Machine, a big book on Sierra and a stack of empty boxes and bits of instruction. Eventually some of this will get cleaned up, but I am tired of thinking about computer systems.

I also brought home a new iPod nano, even though my old one works fine. Apple has announced it will not sell them any more, and I need one for music for walking and traveling, and listening away from a cd player. I like to own my music, and manage it myself; that notion of streaming never appealed, and losing access if you stop paying, and if you have not wifi connection or are unwilling to pay for expensive phone service.

Anyway, that was my week.
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So, I may have signed myself up to review every item in the house.

We're preparing for a major move and significantly smaller living space, so in a way, Everything Must Go, and in a way, we'll want to take very specific items along. I'm using my favorite Thing A Day method - if I can do one thing a day, no matter how small, I'll get an awful lot done!

My deadline isn't until next spring, and it's not set in stone yet, so right now I'm getting my checklists in order and my expectations set. It helps that my spouse, Star, has been wanting to get some stuff out of the house anyway. We decided just to go whole hog - anything that seems like it ought to go, goes, and we don't have to wait for the deadline to get things out of the house.

Monday, we sat down and figured out where several large items ought to go. (Family members and friends, mostly. And if they don't want them, to donation.)

Yesterday, I listed several collectors' items for price checks and got a nibble from an interested buyer.

Today, I need to get photos and get a sales thread up. I'll be adding to it as I go - I tend to be a thing collector, so I have a lot of things to get rid of.
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How has everyone's uncluttering been going this week?

As previously advertised, I took the box (and some other bits and pieces) out of the front hall, and donated it. Not quite as virtuous as I might have been, because I took it to the op-shop that has the really good second-hand book section (bigger than the whole area of some op-shops) and came home with 11 new books (at least two are ones I already have, which are for a friend who I know was looking for this hard-to-find, probably out of print author).

As to yesterday and today, I can't actually point at anything. I've been doing *something* because the house is much tidier than it was (oh, and I cleared some of the things out of the fridge), but nothing that feels like having picked things to rehome. I do keep looking at a shelf in the lounge, but there is too much on it that I'd have to find homes for at present. But, oh, it would be nice to have that bit of wall back.
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Can we talk hobbies?

I recently gave up on the idea that I would ever make jewelry again and gave away nearly all of my beads. I donated the box and found a smaller box for the repair tools. The beads I kept are intended for adding to knitting projects.

Oh, knitting.

That large collection of yarn, patterns, supplies.

I decided to do something. I've long been on a "yarn diet" in which I do not buy new yarn. I do not go into the yarn store. I do not look at yarn online. I have accepted yarn from a friend when she moved--she has good stuff. But mostly, I am using up what I have.

I gave away some yarn I'll just never use. I went through patterns and got rid of the ones I'll never make. I gave away the stitch markers I don't like. I gave away knitting baubles I didn't want in the first place. And I am using up scraps in projects. My knitting things are more under control. I did buy some yarn that I've used immediately in some scrap projects. Now I am creating a stash of knitted things for gifts, or for charity auctions, or local charities, or whatever strikes me. I am making those projects I've had prepped for quite some time and I am taking apart projects I stopped working on to regain control of the needles, beads, and yarn. I will have to start over using some yarn. And that's okay. I keep it in check now.
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How did everyone's weekend uncluttering go? I know I'm writing this a bit late (for me), but it is still Sunday for some of you, so I'm hoping that counts...

Saturday for me was a bit of a write off, with the first ballet class (for me) of term, and then going to an exhibition ice-hockey match in the evening, but I started a project that I'm hoping will lead to uncluttering the yarn stash -- I'm making multi coloured knit strips (30 stitches wide, 85cm long) which will be sewn together to make blankets to be donated to a local cat shelter. I'm very deliberately not thinking about colour order, or much in the way of yarn weight (I'm pretty sure most of it is 8ply, but at least one of them would have been 12 ply), and just grabbing everything out of the Basket Where Left Over Yarn Goes to Rot* that is a tiny ball of 'urgh, whatever will I do with that'. I've gone for the strips idea because the materials and tools for one strip will fit in a tiny carry bag (which I made from fabric I've been hoarding for years because I knew it was useful, but didn't have a specific task -- like soft tulle). Strip one is about 50cm, so I'm pretty happy with that!

And then I spent Sunday working on finishing existing craft projects, so that at least I can get those out of the work space, and know what is 'left overs'.

(Today, I'm going to take the big box of random Stuff from the front hall, and drop it in at an op-shop, on the way to do the school pickup. Not quite in the right direction, which is why I've managed to put so much Stuff in it).

* Sadly, not quite hyperbole -- one ball had weaknesses where it split about every 30cm, so in the end it was just pulled to pieces and shoved in the 'stuffing' jar.
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The local community theater guild is hosting a yard sale. I pay the guild $10, I get a space to sell my stuff.

Suddenly my "departing the living space for keeps" pile has grown by a dozen books and about three dozen DVD/Blu-ray cases.

Funny how that works. XD

(Whatever I don't sell will just go to the library book sale or the Goodwill as appropriate.)


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